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About us

Roy Stevens (Milkeyn):

I began by showing Yorkshire Terriers about 30 years ago. I also showed Papillons, but finally concentrated on the delightful Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

In 1978, I began breeding my Cavaliers as well as showing them. Although I only had a few dogs, and thus only kept a small kennel, I had many notable winners. I had many first placings with my dogs showing at Championship and Open shows. The winners included four homebred Milkeyn Champions (Matchmaker, Mascot and Flame and the latest being Champion Milkeyn Sheer Magic) together with my fifth champion - Champion Homerbrent Attraction of Milkeyn. I also achieved one Reserve Toy Group, three Junior Warrant Winners and 9 Bests of Breed. In 1987, I also won the prestigious "OUR DOGS" Puppy Competition.

I started judging variety classes and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I have now judged at about 28 Open Shows including the Northern Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Show and the West of England CKCSC Limit Show. I have now progressed and have the honour of judging at Championship Shows. I have now awarded CC’s at Southern  CKCSC Show (dogs) and Blackpool Championship Show (bitches). In Ireland, because of the ‘Green Star System’, I have been able to give awards to Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Pekingese, King Charles and Italian Greyhounds.

I look forward to the year 2001 when I have been invited to award CC’s for bitches at the Paignton Championship Show.

Ann Moffat (Rytonion / Milkeyn):

Pekingese took my fancy over 29 years ago when I started with my first dog. I purchased my first Cavalier bitch puppy in 1980. I was able to show this bitch with some considerable success. She then gave me my first Cavalier litter in 1981, carrying the Rytonion prefix.

Over the years, I have gained considerable experience both in breeding and showing. By showing in both Open Shows and Championship Shows, I have achieved substantial recognition in the show ring. At these Championship Shows, my Cavaliers have been placed first in 18 classes, have made up three Junior Warrant winners and eight Kennel Club Stud Book entries.

During these years, I also owned a Rottweiller, ‘Panavors Proud Commander’, who was campaigned and won a Reserve CC and a King Charles Spaniel who was made up to a champion (Champion Maibee Black Pearl).

During my involvement with the Fancy, I have served as a Committee Member for the Prudoe C.S. and Sealham C.S. for ten years, gaining experience in the organisation and management of both seminars and showring classes.

My first judging appointment came in 1987. To date, I have judged at 19 Shows which included two Cavalier Breed Club Shows. Now that I am able to award CC’s to my favourite breed, I enjoyed judging the Cavalier dogs at the Darlington Championship Show this year (2000).


Together in partnership . . . .

Roy and Ann now share the Milkeyn prefix in partnership, having joined forces in 1993. Their aim is to improve the breed using only quality selected dogs, all of whom have been satisfactorily heart tested and eye tested. Together they have bred and successfully shown Champion Milkeyn Sheer Magic and also Milkeyn Sheer Delight who has been awarded three Reserve CC’s. At Crufts, two of their dogs were placed first, and at other Championship Shows, four of their puppies have won Best Puppy awards

Roy and Ann’s success story continues with the introduction of two fabulous Milkeyn youngsters emerging from the Puppy into the Adult Classes. Their latest litter by Champion Milkeyn Sheer Magic are waiting at home for their chance in the Show Ring.